After researching and going through the data we collected. These are few questions we have to answer.

Discussion Paragraph Planning

1) Did the results prove/disprove the hypothesis?
2) Areas of improvement?
3) Application?
4) Further research?

Abstract Paragraph Planning 

1) Summary of what we are doing (awareness).

2) How diet indirectly increases the chances of you contracting colorectal cancer?

3) What is the recommended diet?

During our discussion, we found out that our hypothesis was wrong. Diet could be a factor of colorectal cancer but after doing some research we found out that the cause is unknown. We also found out that Colorectal Cancer is very common in Singapore between both males and females. Cure for colorectal cancer can be done with a combination of surgery, radiation and systemic therapies. 

We could have researched further into the topic to find out how patient with colorectal cancer in Singapore are living. How their lifestyle was before they knew they were diagnosed with colorectal cancer and how they are trying to overcome it to become better. 

We are trying to find out if any SST students have a chance of getting colorectal cancer and we are trying to raise awareness among the students about this cancer. To avoid having the risk and person has to have proper meals everyday and have vegetables or fruits. It is ok to have junk food once in a while but having it every time might lead to something bad. 

Data collected to find out how many students are aware of Colorectal Cancer. 

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