1. Introduction

Colorectal Cancer

Research Topic: Singaporeans and their perception on Colorectal Cancer

Chosen Area of Focus: How people think that Colorectal Cancer comes about and what they do to prevent it compared to the real reason.

Framing our research topic
Our chosen area of focus is The root cause of Colorectal Cancer and what others think that Colorectal Cancer can be prevented and how different it is from the scientifically proven way of preventing Colorectal Cancer. We have chosen this topic as Colorectal Cancer is the most common cancer in Singapore for both males and females.This is why most of us have taken our own precautionary measures to go about preventing the cancer. Many people have different perceptions and different ways that they think would help against Colorectal Cancer.Singapore has even built a $70 million hospital for colorectal cancer patients. But just how effective is their ways, and does it really help to prevent Colorectal Cancer? Or is it just a myth, or belief? We think that people of the public should be educated on how Colorectal Cancer is prevented in ways that are scientifically proven.

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