Conclusion Paragraph Planning 

1) Is diet really affecting the chances of contracting colorectal cancer?
2) Downsides of our methods of getting information and future recommendations?
3) Disclaimer of our results?

According to our research, although diet is a factor that affects colorectal cancer, the causes for the cancer are actually largely unknown. There is also a another factor , Heredity. There is a greater chance for the person to get the cancer if they are from a family with a person who has had cancer before. Colorectal Cancer is usually found in people who are 50 and above. Its incidence increases with age, as evidence by the fact that approximately 90% of the people who develop this cancer are older than 50 years.

We knew it would have been hard to know if a person has a chance of getting cancer through heredity.  We were afraid that some people might not do the survey since they do now want to reveal personal information. In the end we used the BMI of the students in SST to see if there were any students in the risk of getting colorectal cancer.

After receiving the survey which was done by at least 30-40 students, we realised that the average BMI of SST students is Normal. There were only a few who were over weight.  We also did this research to raise awareness among the students about the factors affecting colorectal cancer.

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