Sunday, June 24, 2012


4) In your opinion, what are the roles and responsibilities for the Leader, Blog Manager Schedule Manager and Public Relations Manager? Why?


  1. Leader:The responsibilities as a leader of the group is to lead the group well, and bring the group todo the best we can.

    Blog Manager: A blog manager is one who will jot down all that was done that day, and upload it onto the blog.

    Schedule manager: A Schedule manager is one who will plan all our activities in a way that everyone is able to follow, and participate.

    Public Relations Manager: A public relations Manager is one who will prepare everything that is relevant to the public, and plan accordingly.

  2. In my opinion....
    1) Leader- Should lead the team well and should encourage them to show interest in what they are doing.
    2) Blog manager - Should be organised so that the person can upload post on the blog and make it easy for the readers to read.
    3) Schedule manager : Keeps us updated on when to complete the task and organises time suitable for all group members
    4) Public Relations Manager - in charge of things related to the public.

  3. 1) Leader : A leader should lead and guide the members of the team so that they meet the expected criteria in that period of time. A leader should also encourage the team members so that they will show their interest in that particular project while doing his/her part to contribute to the project.

    2) Blog Manager : The blog manager should manage the blog and post the relevant information.

    3) Schedule Manager : The schedule manager should be the one planning the meetings to complete the project and must make sure that the project in finished before the deadline.

    4) Public Relations Manager : The public relations manager is in charge of the publicising of the project.